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Circus Metropolus proudly presents no less than The 12th Annual


As legend has it, in 2006 the Mayor of San Francisco, one Gavin Newsome, unwittingly dropped the world into the dastardly klutches of klowns by declaring April 1st forever to be recognized across the universe as …


Even more amusing, there was no coercion, payola, strong-arming, exploitation, sexploitation, malevolence, surreptitiousness, etc & so forth, in the making of the kommercial. Or so legend has it.

Be that as it may or may not be, as March 31st oozes into April 1st a most bombastic, barred-holds-none banquet of bubblebouncing beatitude with the original bohemianite Kings of Klown-Fi and their konspiring kompatriots SHALL ensue, like or not and back again! Your most favorable outcome will be realized if and only if you take it upon yourself to don your finest and filthiest of formal folly wear and join us for a rare and celebratory episode of absurdity in absolution!

Gooferman Day Mayoral Proclamation - April 1, 2006, San-Francisco

This is not a test.



with special guests

Kung Fu Vampire


The Klown

Fou Fou Ha!

Trashkan Marchink Band

$10 Adv Early-Bird / $15 Advance GA / $20 Late Adv GA & Door