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Long story short:
Let’s funk like this

GOOFERMAN • LoveBomb Go-GO • The Klown

Short story long: It’s been a small handful of years since Gooferman indulged in that one fateful hot tub melee that one fateful night and were overcome by a previously unknown strain of fateful, coulrophiliac flesh-eating virus. It’s in our contract with The Devil that if such an untimely demise were to ever attempt to overcome us (including henta viruses of whatever kind), we would immediately be ushered into cryogenically derived suspended animation within 9 feet of Walt Disney hizself, which would have the dual desired effect of killing off the pathogens and preserving us in agelessness. All right next to goddam Disney hizself.
So … short story longer: the power failed at our suspension facility not too long ago and we thawed. It hurt us worse than it hurt you, believe you us. Aaaand we’re coming to Portland to celebrate, or some vice versa in there, dumber than ever thanks to chomped brain mass. What could possibly go wrong? What couldn’t possibly go right??
Our esteemed and fellow yahooze, LoveBomb Go-Go, set everything properly large-scale at 10pm.
Gooferman attacks at 11:30p. Details withheld for everyone’s safety and well-being.
The Klown derails it all at 12:30a til close with a saucy fat-bottomed glitch / nu-funk DJ set.
Let’s funk. Again.